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PutosModernos (Joan Alvares & Jorge Sandua)

In 2005, as a result of a graffiti, the brand was born that today sells its products in Spain or France and that signs advertising campaigns for Levi’s, Cabify, Pepsi, Beefeater or Pompeii. Leisure or business, PutosModernos remains the same: a form of post-posturing. A parody of modernity to modernity.

“Creative agency? Design studio? Digital creators? Humorists? We don’t feel very identified with any of these labels, but maybe we’re a cocktail of them all. We’re usually anything that gives us money,” said PutosModernos, who recently they have released “Hazte Rico, Vende Humo”, a self-help manual for setting up your own pyramid scam.

Today the brand has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, and rising, in part because the account will be raffled among its fans to reach one million. Until that happens Jorge Sandua and Joan Alvares try to fill their egos and pockets. Because they like their job very much, but to be honest, they prefer not to work.