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Lídia Vives

Lídia Vives (Lleida, 1991), based in Barcelona, is a photographer and visual artist who has seen her work published in magazines such as Esquire and Vogue Italia and has exhibited in various galleries, fairs and museums such as the Louvre in Paris. He has also collaborated with various music groups, including Love of Lesbian.

She has traveled the world presenting her work since her first exhibition in 2013 and has received various international awards that have allowed her to expand her work worldwide, such as gold medals at the Trierenberg Super Circuit, Photographer Artist of the Year 2021 at the Monochrome Awards, and also mentioned as a Professional Photographer of the Year 2021 at the MUSE Photography Awards.

She currently works as an advertising and fashion photographer, as well as an artist, selling her works of art to collectors, decorators and architects (among others), as well as a retouching teacher at the IDEP school in Barcelona.