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Francesca Tur Serra

Named by Forbes as one of the 40 best futurists in Spain, Francesca Tur Serra analyzes the context and now from different perspectives: the environment, creativity and teaching. From communication, he radiographs contemporaneity on, a medium that began with friends in 2006 and now functions as an online space and content producer. From creativity he collaborates with projects, companies and initiatives in the strategic strategic advice of futures.  She has directed the Master’s Degree in Fashion Brand Creation at ESDesign and teaches master’s and postgraduate classes at Escola de la Dona, IED, Blanquerna-URL or LCI Barcelona. She publishes in different media and was the trend specialist in RTVE’s TIPS program. She is a mentor and investor in incipient projects, they make young talent and mix “desire with white hair”, Ibizan and happy.

Trends. Vision. I She was born in Ibiza in 1982. She says a thousand words a minute and the accent betrays her. He has studied Advertising and Public Relations at the UAB and Art Direction at the Central Saint Martins. Energy and enthusiasm. Passion. Certainty in speech. In 2006, Francesca started with first from home and betting on visual content for mobile phones. Nobody believed in it. But she did. Time has proved it right and is now a benchmark video platform. Optimism. Light, a lot. The idea: to enjoy and spread the design. And get those who have money to bet on talent. He works hard on the idea, says everyone today has a story to tell, and also offers creative consulting services. He is happy. And he says we need to think further. Although the future is frightening, some people. Francesca, on the other hand, always looks ahead.