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Design schools, protagonists of Wayfindings: The experience

22 June

Wayfindings: The Experience’, the central space of Barcelona Design Week, took place on 16th, 17th and 18th June in Jardinets de Gràcia. The installation included the Findings, Anna Taratiel’s performance on Escofet‘s street furniture, HP‘s Infinite Bag and the exhibition micro-experiences by The Others, but the highlights of the day were the performative actions that different design schools of Barcelona carried out inside the performative cubes that could be found inside the installation.

The first participating school was IED Barcelona, ​​which on Thursday played with the geometry of the space creating a great optical illusion visually challenging the boundaries of space. To achieve this, they installed a wall and furniture inside the cube that blended with the space, so that this furniture became invisible.

On Saturday it was the turn of Elisava and LCI Barcelona, ​​respectively. The first step was to show how Internet search engines provide us with biased information based in our opinion. To do this, students asked viewers if they believed that artificial intelligence would kill the world, and according to the person’s response, they were offered a filter that changed the text of the newspaper that was also offered, with biased information.

For its part, LCI Barcelona closed the day’s events with a performance that aimed to make us reflect on how the constant and continuous presence of communications and technology greatly conditions our lives. To do this, they filled the cube with a helium balloon and, once full, two performances entered and searched for their space by breaking the walls of cling film to release the flying objects.

In turn, La Salle opened the activities on Saturday with a blank cube, where participants could blow up a balloon with paint inside previously placed where they asked, in order to make a collaborative pictorial work that illustrates the current mutant reality.

Finally, LABASAD closed the installation with the Oracle of Love, which sought to awaken empathy and emotional generosity in all those who interacted with the oracle. The performance consisted of picking up one of the phrases offered by the cube, which could be either a thought-provoking phrase or a show of selfless affection.