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Last Monday we kicked off the 16th edition of Barcelona Design Week in its most professional aspect, the BDW Pro, with a lecture by designer Daan Roosegaarde. Together with his team, Studio Roosegaarde has been committed for years to innovative projects where technology is the means to achieve a more sustainable future.

Roosegaarde stressed that “technology is such an important tool. Technology is such a great tool to make the dreams, the ideas you have in your head become reality” and added that “technology will change and has changed a lot of jobs, the way we learn, share, create, do our work, love each other… but that doesn’t mean we’ve just become robot foods as human beings, it just means that our human skills will become more and more important: learning, doing, appreciating, thinking, designing, acting (the theme for this BDW)”.

For Roosegaarde, “technology is helping us, but creativity is our true capital. And the more we realize that and the more we realize the design discipline is part of that, the sooner we will become future proof”. And he reflected: “design is about designing the connections between history and future, function and fantasy, being practical and being dreamy. It’s about designing these missing links, these new links”. “Move away from linear thinking, think hybrid and collaborate in order to tackle these great challenges we are all facing”, he added.

The Dutch stressed the importance of “people being active about the future instead of waiting for other people to solve it” and ended by saying “we have very interesting challenges ahead, we have to face them. Step by step, learning, failing, turning it around, doing it and celebrating it”.

During the talk he also presented his best known projects: GROW, an inspiring artistic farming project that participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and URBAN SUN, inspired by sunlight to clean up to 99.9% of the covid-19, among others.