The Table Knife Project

17 November to 28 November

The Table Knife Project brings together Barcelona’s Florentine Kitchen Knives with 28 local design studios to create 56 unique table knives. Curated by Barcelona based designer Berta Julià Sala and the FKK team, the project is also supported by the branding and visual design of London’s Gymnasium Design Office and imagery by local photographer Coke Bartrina.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise money for the El Llindar Foundation through sales of the knives. A local organisation supporting disenfranchised young people by developing their skills for work within the hospitality industry.

FKK gave each of the designers the same blank table knife blade and encouraged them to make something that would reflect their personal take on the object, using materials in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

With all the knives coming from the same blueprint, it provides an insight into the way each designer thinks and works, in turn showcasing the richness of perspectives within Barcelona’s design community.

The knives will be available for purchase from 17th of November, through the web and will be on display in teh Cubiñá Store during the Barcelona Design Week.



Angel Valiente, Goula / Figuera, Pablo Santos, Max Enrich, Alejandra Perini and Prosper Riba, Marta Ayala Herrera Studio, Elsa Casanova, Julen Ussia, Sebastian Alberdi, Sanna Völker, Aya Ulan, Jordi Canudas Studio, Isaac Piñeiro Studio, Altherr Desile Park, Nahtrang, Nut Creatives, Oriol Gener, Mermelada Estudio, Curro Claret, AOO Studio, OiKo Design Office, OWL, Andreu Carulla, Octavio Barrera, Banzai Turba, Júlia Esqué, Berta Julià Sala and Mike A. Hausmann, Gonzalo Mila.


At the Cubiñá Store in Barcelona from November 17th to November 28th:

      Monday to Friday  10h to 14h / 16h to 20h

      Saturdayo 10h to 14h / 16:30 to 20:30h

ACCESS: free in accordance with the capacity restrictions

ORGANIZED BY: Florentine Kitchen Knifes and Berta Julià Sala

SUPPORTED BY: ADI-FAD, Gymnasium Design Office and Coke Bartrina


Cubiñá Store / Carrer Mallorca, 291 08037 - Barcelona