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The New European Bauhaus

10 June

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is committed to a more inclusive, more beautiful and greener Europe. This initiative, by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, focuses on economic recovery while adding the cultural and creative dimension with sustainability as the focal point in order to make tangible, functional and beautiful proposals, co-created with the participation of designers, architects, students, scientists, artists and creative minds from various disciplines.

The historical Bauhaus was created at a time of profound transformation. Now, 102 years later, we want to recover this spirit, with an interdisciplinary and inspiring movement to provide new perspectives and specific actions against climate change and improving the quality of life of European citizens. The New European Bauhaus will bring citizens, experts, businesses, and institutions together and facilitate conversations about making tomorrow’s living spaces more affordable and accessible.

At this session we would like to know the vision of three companies about this movement through their design and brand positioning strategies and also from some of the local partners of the initiative, about the challenges and opportunities for Barcelona and its business and creative fabric.


Felip Vivanco – La Vanguardia journalist


ROCA – Xavier Torras, Brand and Communication Manager
SIMON – Salvi Plaja, Design Manager
IED – Alessandro Manetti, CEO IED Spain
ELISAVA – Albert Fuster, Academic Director
KAVE HOME – Jordi Díaz Giralt, Senior Project Manager
BARCELONA DESIGN CENTRE – Isabel Roig, Executive Director


Fèlix Ortega – General Manager Barcelona Activa

Mireia Escobar – Manager Disseny Hub Barcelona

Guillem Camprodón – Research Lead Fab Lab Barcelona – Distributed Design (partner of The New European Bauhaus)

Oriol Estela – Chief Coordinator Strategical Metropolitan Plan


This activity is organized by Barcelona centre de Disseny and will be broadcast from Roca Barcelona Gallery.

Free access (streaming and attending) by registering.

Roca Barcelona Gallery - c/. Joan Güell, 211-213
(limited capacity)
Roca Barcelona Gallery - c/. Joan Güell, 211-213
(limited capacity)