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The Legacy of Jean Prouvé and the Future of Work

28 October

Cooperation and collaboration have proven to be more efficient and productive manners of working than hierarchical and vertical systems. Organizational models such as open-source, distributed production or cooperative systems have transformed the industry, the economy and the society.

The Societé Anonyme Les Ateliers Jean Prouvé is an interesting background to this transition.Starting from the pioneering action of Prouvé initiated in 1931, Remedios Zafra will be in charge of reviewing concepts such as autarky, democracy of knowledge, productive sovereignty or self-production. On Earth we live millions of people… so, is there a chance of returning to alternative models of work organization to the hegemonic ones, which promote more sustainable forms of production and a greater distribution of wealth and knowledge?

This activity is part of «Hands and machines: between crafts and industry», a program of activities co-organized by the “La Caixa” Foundation and the FAD, and curated by Pau de Solà-Morales within the framework of the exhibition «The universe by Jean Prouvé. Architecture, industry, furniture”, an exhibition organized in collaboration with the Center Pompidou.


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