Family Challenge «The Gender of Design»: Ui’s artefacts

17 November to 30 June

Ui enjoys multiple pastimes and often wants to do them all at the same time. Playing ball while dancing to jazz, looking at the stars and simultaneously at the seabed, dressing up as a princess but also as a dragon. To that end Ui has transformed their environment by inventing fantastical objects that allow them to blend their tastes and interests.

Ui’s birthday is fast approaching and we are facing a challenge: which fantastical object can we present to them as a gift? As part of Barcelona Design Week, the FAD and the Design Museum are organizing a challenge, inviting boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old and their families to design a gift for Ui. Curated by Oblicuas, the challenge is a creative exercise to awaken a critical awareness of gender stereotypes through the design of fantastical objects.

Learn about Ui’s story and gift him a fantastic artefact! Accept the challenge! (website in Catalan)

Organizing: FAD and Barcelona Design Museum

With the support of: Barcelona City Hall and Generalitat de Catalunya Government

Format: Online

Family Challenge: «The Gender of Design»