Can the use of plastic be a form of activism?

18 November

Plastic is a material which is currently criticized by a very large sector of society; but at the same time it has been demonstrated that it has many advantages.

Is it, therefore, a bad material? Or are we misusing it? Can it end up being the raw material of the 21st century economy?

What potential does recycled plastic have? Is a plastic more polluting than any type of wood? What alternatives are there in plastics? Are bioplastics more sustainable?



José F. López Aguilar, Founding Partner at Oiko Design Office and Researcher at Elisava Research

Jeannette Altherr, Designer and Partner at Altherr Desile Park

Mireia Vilalta, R&D Packaging Engineering Manager & Ecodesign at Danone EDP Europe

Christian Dios, CEO and Founder at Realplast


DATE AND TIME: November 18th at 18:30h/6pm

ACCESS: free with pre-registration

ORGANIZED BY: Barcelona Design centre

SUPPORTED BY: Barcelona City Council

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Roca and Oiko Design Office

Photo: Oiko Design