International Pavilion – Vitrina Inédita – Encuentro LOCAL Chile

17 November to 28 February

BDW is a founding member of the World Design Weeks Network, a global network of design weeks whose objective is to exchange knowledge and good practices, for the promotion and consolidation of the events through collaboration with others, and the identification of business opportunities in the different world markets. Since June 2020, the headquarters of World Design Weeks have been in Barcelona. 

The International Pavilion features this year other world design weeks and hosts 4 virtual exhibitions from Australia, Chile, The Netherlands and Mexico. Organised by RMIT University in collaboration with Melbourne Design Week, LOCAL Chile, Dutch Design Week and Querétaro Design Week with Puebla Design Week.


Vitrina Inédita – Encuentro LOCAL (Chile)

The Vitrina Inédita is an exhibition that is generated from two relevant events that changed the Chilean context in recent months. In October 2019, the country experienced the largest social demonstration in its history due to the accumulated discontent over political-economic power. Successively, five months later, the world was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which again affected the heart of the design sector.

These two events decelerated the dynamics of cultural production and put them into a pause that is still latent more than a year after. This meant a turn in the development of the designer’s practice: from the rethinking of the creation and manufacturing in confinement, the shortage of materials, and the absence of qualified manufacturing, which strengthened the virtues of the designer and enhanced his capacity for resilience.

The exhibition, curated and organized by LOCAL, shows 53 products by Chilean designers that were developed in the context of the economic, political, social and health crises. The works carry the resistance of the creator, the reflection of the confinement and the technical crafts exercised in everyday objects and garments that are a true reflection of where the country is at the moment.

ORGANIZED BY: Barcelona Design centre

SUPPORTED BY: Barcelona City Council



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Vitrina Inédita - Encuentro LOCAL Chile (full exhibition)