International Pavilion – Safeness by Design: Urban Context – RMIT University & Melbourne Design Week

17 November to 28 February

BDW is a founding member of the World Design Weeks Network, a global network of design weeks whose objective is to exchange knowledge and good practices, for the promotion and consolidation of the events through collaboration with others, and the identification of business opportunities in the different world markets. Since June 2020, the headquarters of World Design Weeks have been in Barcelona. 

The International Pavilion features this year other world design weeks and hosts 4 virtual exhibitions from Australia, Chile, The Netherlands and Mexico. Organised by RMIT University in collaboration with Melbourne Design Week, LOCAL Chile, Dutch Design Week and Querétaro Design Week with Puebla Design Week.


Safeness by Design: Urban Contexts – RMIT University & Melbourne Design Week

Design has the potential to significantly improve safety, reduce risk and save lives either during the design phase or through targeted design interventions towards urban infrastructure, systems and services. The broad user-centred skills and materials and manufacturing knowledge base of designers allows the potential for clear problem definition using ethnographic discovery processes, creative design and innovative technical resolution in a socio-technical context. Safeness by Design, a new initiative emerging from RMIT University’s School of Design, aims to enhance health, wellbeing and social values by using design activism to achieve actual and evident safeness across a broad range of environment and contexts.

This exhibition, Safeness by Design: Urban Contexts will present design proposals that embrace holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to the issues of safety in the city on personal, social, spatial and technological levels. The event will feature design works produced in three collaborative research projects between designers from RMIT School of Design and the planners and strategists from two international cities, Barcelona and Melbourne:

the Safe Mobility in Barcelona (2020-21) project which delivers innovative solutions to the safety and civic planning issues surrounding the use of e-scooters in Barcelona’s busy metropolis(including pedestrian and rider safety, helmet usage, docking infrastructure, education and rider behaviour change)

the Safe City Smart City (2020) project with the City of Melbourne which delivers wide ranging design solutions that ensure a 24-hour city that is safe, inclusive and welcoming for all users, with a focus on the safety of women transiting the city at night.

the Safe Mobility with Covid-19 (2020) project in collaboration with the cities of Melbourne and Barcelona which realises solutions for coronavirus impacted urban landscapes with a focus on safe solutions for public transport, personal mobility, sanitation and contact avoidance, smart city technologies,and local community mobility.

ORGANIZED BY: Barcelona Design centre

SUPPORTED BY: Barcelona City Council


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