New Tourism – New Scenarios for a Sustainable Future

10 June

Any industry is constantly affected by the changes caused by new trends and innovations in an extremely volatile context. The tourism industry is no exception. It is essential to understand the changes at each moment in time so as to maintain a company’s competitiveness and meet user needs. However, with a background of COVID, some of these needs have evolved, priorities have changed and there are completely new requirements.

In the context of the BDW’21 Pro and using the city of Barcelona as a case study, Product Design and Interior Design students from the IED Barcelona present various design proposals related to tourism for a more sustainable future of the city. The projects were conducted in collaboration with Barcelona Global with the aim of rethinking tourism from the perspective of spaces, products and services on analyzing and studying future scenarios. There is a wide range of proposals: from recovering spaces for decentralized tourism to civic participation actions to understand and listen to the needs of Barcelona citizens, and even new gastronomic experiences.

On Thursday 10 June at 12 noon the students from the IED will display their physical and digital proposals to experts from the sector in a hybrid event. Don’t miss it!

This event is organized by IED Barcelona and Barcelona centre de Disseny in col·laboration with Barcelona Global.

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Spanish and english (without translation)
Spanish and english (without translation)