Materials for a sustainable communication

12 June

MORNING: Presentation and creation of a guide of sustainable materials for printing and packaging.

The paper and print media market is vast, but understanding which is the best for each case and the possibilities of each one is not an easy task, especially nowadays, when the ecological emergency requires the professionals of design and communication to choose sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials that have a minimum environmental impact.

– We will learn about the uses and suitability of the most appropriate papers and associated materials for each situation or product.

– We will build, with physical examples, a guide-catalogue with the different materials presented.

AFTERNOON: The paper: a communicative element, an element of identity.

Each type of paper or support has its own characteristics that make each one unique. Knowing them is not only important for a good print but also for efficient and effective communication.

During the workshop we will be experimenting with the materials shown, revealing their emotional and conceptual personality and, emotionally and creatively, completing the guide.

The workshop is organized by Bildi Grafiks.

Language: Catalan.

Schedule: from 10 to 20 h.

Capacity: limited to 20 people.

More information:

If you have any questions, please contact Bildi Grafiks at: or 938 921 827.






Sant Joan, 15. 08773 Mediona (Barcelona)
Sant Joan, 15. 08773 Mediona (Barcelona)