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Marc Monzó presents his new creation for MISUI at MAT by MINIM

14 October

Marc Monzó presents, for the first time, at the MAT by MINIM showroom, his new creation for the contemporary jewellery brand MISUI: the IO solitaire.

IO is a piece where a single flat section diamond cut shapes a ring with a schematic volumetry, capturing the essence of everything that the solitaire represents. With this series of unique pieces, Monzó shows – once again – his ability to reduce jewels to their essence, to the minimum expression.

Marc Monzó, creative director of the firm MISUI, is a jewellery designer with a synthetic language, free from redundant ornamentation. His fascination for small objects and his interest in classic typologies of jewelry, have led him to always seek the precision of small-scale work and creative play, based on different universes and materials.

During the presentation of IO at MAT – the new showroom of interior architecture materials that belongs to the MINIM group – Marc Monzó will address formal issues about the process of creating a piece and will talk about other collections developed throughout his career.

Organize: MAT by MINIM