International Pavilion – Art Toy – Querétaro Design Week & Puebla Design Week

17 November to 28 February

BDW is a founding member of the World Design Weeks Network, a global network of design weeks whose objective is to exchange knowledge and good practices, for the promotion and consolidation of the events through collaboration with others, and the identification of business opportunities in the different world markets. Since June 2020, the headquarters of World Design Weeks have been in Barcelona. 

The International Pavilion features this year other world design weeks and hosts 4 virtual exhibitions from Australia, Chile, The Netherlands and Mexico. Organised by RMIT University in collaboration with Melbourne Design Week, LOCAL Chile, Dutch Design Week and Querétaro Design Week with Puebla Design Week.


Art Toy – Querétaro Design Week & Puebla Design Week

The International Exhibition of Mexican Design in its 2020 edition is dedicated to Art Toy with the participation of two characters, Xico and Barroquito. This new form of conceptualization and artistic expression has generated a great movement in Mexico and the characters we invite are a reflection of the country’s culture and history.

Xico is a xoloitzcuintle, emblem of Mexican identity and expression that seeks to transmit love and respect for roots and traditions. Cristina Pineda seeks to inherit in future generations a character deeply rooted in pre-hispanic culture.

Barroquito was born as the first Art Toy inspired by a city, Puebla de los Ángeles. The legend says that the city was drawn by the angels themselves and was the point of inspiration of its creator Mike Wynter. Created to be the character of the Design Week Puebla festival, Barroquito is the imaginary and daily life of the people of Puebla.

The collective exhibition aims to support designers and artists from all over the country who were affected by the circumstances we are currently facing. Through their participation in the exhibition they can continue to be active and promote their work inside and outside of Mexico.

Thanks to Querétaro Design Week and Design Week Puebla for managing the exhibitions.

ORGANIZED BY: Barcelona Design centre

SUPPORTED BY: Barcelona City Council


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Art Toy - Querétaro Design Week & Puebla Design Week (teaser)