GLASS – The glass apprentice

25 November

GLASS is an audiovisual story which documents, in spectacular fashion, the design and preparation of the little dancer89, a collectable figure created by Pròsper Riba, made from a coloured glass bottle as a result of research into printed geometric shapes with blown glass.

GLASS shows what is not seen: glass as the driving force of design and creation. We are surrounded by glass objects but we are not aware of their secret life.


Martí Cruz / video

Caïm Riba / soundtrack

Pròsper Riba / designer

Marta Soro / production

Joan Gil / technical coordination

Sergio García / technical support


COLLABORATORS: Museu i Forn del Vidre de Vimbodí i Poblet / Parròquia de St. Joan / Kugler Colors

DATE and TIME: from November 25th at YouTube

ACCESS: free / connect to the YouTube link