Food Design Week: The Mindfulness Mushroom

27 October to 30 October

Over four days, all those who come to the bar La Muriel in Gracia and ask for an Alhambra beer will be able to enjoy a food design tapa courtesy of Alhambra, created for the occasion by the chef Xavi Moron from Hidden Factory.

He creates this tapa under the name “The mindfulness mushroom”, inspired by the motto of Barcelona Design Week ‘Think, Design, Act’, in the shape of a brain and with regenerative properties on a neural level. An aperitif consisting of a vegan pâté of ceps and lion’s mane mushroom which will be served free with the first 40 Alhambra beers bought.


Organize: Barcelona centre de Disseny with the collaboration of Hidden Factory Barcelona.

*This activity forms part of the special Alhambra Moments programme.  

La Muriel. Carrer de Verntallat, 30.
La Muriel. Carrer de Verntallat, 30.