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16 June

Exhibition of the art pieces of Aurèlia Muñoz, which are notable for its innovative and very contemporary character, which will be accompanied by a round table with his daughter, Sylvia Ventosa, Manuel Cirauqui (Eina Fundation, Barcelona), Andreu Dengra Carayol (Responsible of Visual Arts in the City of Sant Cugat) and Joana Badia (study of the work of the Aurèlia in the Sorbonne of Paris), all figures who know the biography and importance of his work and who will talk about how the world of art, craftsmanship and execution are part of the design and decoration.

Aurèlia Muñoz was a 20th-century Catalan artist who, since the early 1960s, worked on all the techniques related to the textile world, his works being a compendium of sculptures, artworks and architecture. He opened new language channels in the history of textile art and three-dimensional art, succeeding in proposing plastic solutions of great expressive wealth in the domain of open spaces. He united the rationalist thought of the Bauhaus and primitive aspects of other non-Western cultures. His life was especially linked to the research of textile art in the world, where his contribution was fundamental. Today the figure of Aurèlia Muñoz is recognized internationally.

On the same day the rug will be presented CÍRCULO DE LUZ – GANCEDO BY AURÈLIA MUÑOZ – which takes its name from one of the Aurelia drawings and faithfully reflects its design. The making of this carpet follows the same criteria as she used: craftsmanship and sustainable work, with 100% handmade wool with the technique of tuffting nude. The quality of the wool, its laborious execution and touch, make it a true artwork; The carpet is available in the showrooms of Madrid and Barcelona, only in a limited edition of 10 units with certificate of authenticity of design and product quality.


DATE and TIME: June 16 at 7 pm

WHERE: GANCEDO Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya, 97)

REGISTRATION: free by registering first by sending an e-mail to (30 pax maximun)

GANCEDO BARCELONA // Rambla Catalunya, 97
GANCEDO BARCELONA // Rambla Catalunya, 97