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Collectible a Barcelona

07 June to 30 July

Il·lacions gallery presents the stand of the fourth edition of the Collectible fair in its space in Barcelona, where it shows 19 works by 14 local creators. Collectible, the only internationally recognized fair that exclusively exhibits contemporary 21st century design, was held online from May 28 to 30 through a new format: the Collectible Salon, an online platform for international galleries that regularly attend the fair. Il·lacions, on this occasion, had a virtual presence and, at the same time, exhibited its pieces physically in its gallery in Barcelona, thus becoming an ambassador of the fair in the city and promoting the dissemination of local artists internationally.

The collection that is exhibited and put on sale in Il·lacions brings together 19 unique pieces and limited series of contemporary design. The prices of the works range from € 170 to € 9,000. The 14 artists who sign them are: Andreu Carulla, Antoni Arola, Clàudia Girbau, Cristian Herrera, Curro Claret, Joan Tarragó, Jordi Ribaudí, Josep Maynou, Josep Vila, Max Enrich, MSubiràs, Rosa Cortiella, Toni Pallejà and Turbina.

Dates: until July the 30th


Il·lacions Design Gallery. Rosselló, 231, 2n 2a. Barcelona
Il·lacions Design Gallery. Rosselló, 231, 2n 2a. Barcelona