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The technology that designs the sport of the future

21 October

The technology that designs the sport of the future

Sport moves the world in the same way that technology does. What happens when both forces are combined? We will find out at this unique event in which innovation leaders in sports as diverse as surfing, snowboarding, cycling and football, will explain how technology becomes the impulse to achieve efficiency, sustainability and personalization.

In this encounter, we will meet some of Europe’s main sports companies and discuss how they use technology and Autodesk software to succeed in one of the most competitive and demanding markets, which moves over €39bn in Spain.

Together, the leading company in surf parks, an innovative product design studio which manufactures snowboard bindings, Europe’s main sports equipment retailer, and the architects of the new Camp Nou stadium will reformulate the future of sport and its key role in society.


  • Luis Merino, Architect – BIM Manager. Wavegarden.
  • Ana Bassat, Architect Founding Partner. B720.
  • Saulo Armas, Co-founder and Design Specialist for Additive Manufacturing. ADDIT·ION.
  • Charles Cambianica, Advance Design Project Leader of Decathlon.

Organize: Autodesk in collaboration with Barcelona centre de Disseny.