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16 June

The main objective of the Workshop is to open the creative process in a fun and entertaining way to young designers who want to show their abilities, whether they are Product/Graphic Designers/architects or other creatives.

At Innou we are increasingly committed to the environment and sustainable design while seeking to contribute to the circular economy through projects that involve environmental improvement. We are currently developing new products with new materials and utilities that focus on providing an improvement to society and its environment, being economically competitive with other non-sustainable products on the market.

We will discuss what products and degree of sustainability of the designs and the impact they can have on the change of material in traditional products such as furniture, lighting and accessories. Ecodesign is also an innovation tool that can provide great advantages to be taken into account from the first phase of product design and conceptualization.



DATE and TIME: June 16 from 11 am to 2 pm

WHERE: Innou (Novell, 36)

REGISTRATION: free by registering first by sending an e-mail to

INNOU / Novell, 36
INNOU / Novell, 36