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10 June

From 9 to 12 June, the European Commission organizes the first edition of The Festival of the New European Bauhaus (NEB).

The NEB expresses the European Union’s (EU) ambition of creating beautiful and sustainable spaces, products, and ways of living together. It promotes a new lifestyle where sustainability matches style, thus accelerating the green transition across our economy, from construction to furniture and fashion, as well as in other areas of our daily life and societies. The New European Bauhaus brings a cultural and creative dimension to the European Green Deal. It brings out the benefits of the environmental transition through tangible experiences at the local level.

Barcelona Design Week is organizing a side event. The session is part of a one-day program together with BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations): a morning session from Barcelona Design Week (10 am-11.30 am), an afternoon session from Biennale du Design St. Etienne (2 pm-4 pm), and a final event in Brussels at 6 pm.

Side Events should reflect the New European Bauhaus core values:

Sustainability, from climate goals to circularity, zero pollution, and protecting nature/improving biodiversity;
Aesthetics, quality of experience, and style, beyond functionality;
Inclusion, from valuing diversity, equality for all, accessibility, and affordability.

Our session will focus on Regaining a sense of belonging: Examples can involve the development of products, processes, or business models that build on local culture, traditions, know-how, craft, and contemporary diversity and creativity. It may be fashion, furniture, or interior design, but also food or other elements of our daily life that carry a sense of belonging on a local scale. It can also involve the transmission of traditional knowledge, know-how, and skills and its integration into new production or business model contexts.

The speakers will debate how creative events, like design weeks and festivals, or other creative initiatives, could drive a sense of belonging to the local communities that participate, and how this could be perceived from the international visitor’s side. With the participation of Álvaro Gómez-Sellés, architect at müsing–sellés (NYC-Madrid), Anna Valtonen, Professor in Strategic Design at Aalto University (Finland), Adrian Jankowiak from Nairobi Design Week (Nairobi, Kenia), Xavier Torras, Communications Director of Roca Group (Barcelona), Mariana Eidler, co-founder of FORK (Barcelona) and Ewa Chudeka, Director of Gdynia Design Days (Gdynia, Poland). During the session the installation Espace Formica® A place to belong will be presented.

English session. Presential at the Roca Barcelona Gallery and online.

Organizes: Barcelona Design center

With the collaboration of BEDA and World Design Weeks.

*Global Design Talks is an initiative of Arctic Design Week. First GDTs are organised in 2022 in Rovaniemi, Munich, Barcelona and Saint-Étienne, in collaboration with design weeks/events in respective cities.