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14 June

Gastronomic photography in recent years, taking advantage of the richness and gastronomic fame of our country, has acquired a great prominence in the panorama of commercial photography. Contemporary gastronomic photography transcends the space of photographic taking and operates in synergy with art direction, creativity, styling. There are so many small details to pay attention to so that the images manage to evoke emotions, memories and sensations.

In the workshop “Food Photography, lighting and scenography” Corina Landa, using basic equipment, will share some of her methods to achieve extremely appetizing images that will make water come to your mouth.


ORGANIZE: LCI Barcelona 

DATE and TIME: June 14 from 10 am to 11 am

WHERE: LCI Barcelona (Balmes, 209)

REGISTRATION: free for maximun 20 pax by registering first here REGISTER

LCI BARCELONA / Balmes, 209
LCI BARCELONA / Balmes, 209