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07 June to 14 June

Did you know that Food Design is the area of ​​design that works with food, creating unique objects, services and experiences? At the same time, Food Design solves problems associated with food?

We present you the special cocktails of the Food Design Week created for the occasion of the command of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona. And also, discover the coasters created by MAKEAT with the organic waste from these cocktail bars!

Meet the cocktails and cocktail bars:

Ataronxia Rums presents Precipice: Old Fashion Rum Ataronxia® Fig, Field Flower Honey, Organic Burbon Vanilla.

Address: C/ Abaixadors, 11Bis

Kyoudai33 presents Fujisan: A tribute to the national symbol of Japan, whose beauty can only be enjoyed in summer. Made with tequila, watermelon liqueur, citrus cordial, smoke syrup and our London essence grapefruit soda.

Adress: C/ Rocafort 33

Paradiso presents Tornado: Sweet and fresh cocktail, spritz style. Mix of vodka, pisco, italicus and white vermouth infused with tulsis, a type of basil, the sweet part comes from a cava cordial with goji sauce and a pear, quince and orange blossom kombutxa.

Address: Rera Palau 4

Sips presents Mosaic: A cocktail focused on the design and architecture of the city of Barcelona, ​​​​inspired by the colors of Gaudí’s brittle are the common thread of this fresh, light cocktail with a fizzy touch.

Address: Muntaner 108

Somnia presents The Philosopher’s Stone: the 4 elements Water, Fire, Earth and Air represented in a different test tube so that the consumer can mix the 4 elements and achieve immortality.

Address: Calle Montserrat 13