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02 June to 22 June

“ABSOLUTISM” – the ten. An artistic installation that reflects on absolutist dictatorships. The public has the option of releasing a subject or overthrowing the dictator.

EssaiWorks – Rosa Cortiella, Francesc Gasch and Darragh Casey. Porcellain Wrap is the first limited series in the collection, provocative sculptural vases of pure aesthetics that respond to the opportunities of the production process.

“Four Walls” – Joan Tarragó and Soem Mac. Exhibition installation in the form of painting, graffiti, postgraffiti and illustration on the walls of one of the rooms of the gallery.

“Inferences” – several authors. An exhibition of 74 pieces of contemporary design in which local designers from Ilacions have curated part of the exhibition.

“The podium series” – Bijeen. Personal imagination, reflections and time define this exhibition, in which four lamps are the protagonists of a journey in an abstract and changing space.

“To the design room! A cinematic design collage ”- Guim Espelt. Audiovisual work in which the author investigates the representation of practice and the discourse of product design in cinema.



Organized by: IL·LACIONES

Date and times: from 2 to 22 June from Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm. On June 14 at 7 pm presentation with Guim Espelt.

GALERIA IL·LACIONS / La Rambla, 130 pral.
GALERIA IL·LACIONS / La Rambla, 130 pral.