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21 June

We gathered at the Roca Barcelona Gallery different personalities from the world of music and architecture to celebrate this June 21 at 7 pm, the summer solstice 2022.

The most special night of the year we open our doors to dialogue, ask questions, discover, learn and enjoy architecture and music live and in the best company. “Music Architecture · Music Architects” a cycle organized by Roca and Figueras Seating that opens at the Roca Barcelona Gallery and continues at the Roca Madrid Gallery.

«Interior space | Actors ”

A session where the passion for music merges with the vehemence for architecture.

This June 21, experiences will be presented and architectures will be discussed whose interior configuration is based on the interaction between people when they are all actors and the music sounds.

The speakers will offer their vision in illustrated presentations to give way to a conversation in which nuances, agreements, disagreements and cross-questions follow one another. The session will close with the intervention of Ramon Faura “le petit ramon” who will offer a small recital of versions of songs from the popular repertoire “indie”.

Host: Carlos Ferrater, Founding Architect of OAB Office Architecture Barcelona
Juli Capella, Managing Architect of Capella García Arquitectura
Meritxell Ferrando, Architect. TFG ETSAB UPC «Architectural configurations for the rehearsal of musicians in a domestic environment»
Ramón Faura, Doctor of Architecture, ELISAVA Coordinator of the Social and Experimental Sciences Area

Roca Barcelona Gallery
C/ Joan Güell, 211 - 213
Roca Barcelona Gallery
C/ Joan Güell, 211 - 213