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22 June

For the third year, Mobles 114 invites a designer to explore the materiality and craftwork allure, through the design of some objects inspired by the TRIA system.

After Martín Azúa’s ‘Totem’ and ‘Foscas’ trio composed by David Martí, Marc Morro and Claudia Rosello, this year Mobles 114 has made a cooperation with Pròsper Riba Villardell, blown glass designer and founder of The Glass Apprentice Project. The artist has created ‘Touchstone’ a functional vase collection where glass craft influence merges with the industrial, minimalist character of TRIA shelving system.

TRIA was designed in 1978 by Josep Maria Massana and Josep Maria Tremoleda, and this shelving system keeps growing with new accessories; this year it will incorporate a glass door cabinet. The collaboration with Pròsper Riba Vilardell will be part of an exhibition that will take place at Mobles 114 premises under the framework of Barcelona Design Week on June 22, showing also the brand new products.




DATE and TIME: June 22 from 6 pm to 9 pm

WHERE: Mobles 114 (Julián Romea, 16 baixos 2)

REGISTRATION: free access

MOBLES 114 / Julián Romea, 16 baixos 2
MOBLES 114 / Julián Romea, 16 baixos 2