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21 June

The spaces for collectivities are constantly changing. The shift responds to the concern to adapt spaces to the needs of users.

Design professionals, manufacturers, publishers and distributors are usually in charge of adjusting objects to users’ needs. But at the Research Group in Design, health and wellbeing, at EINA, we’ve defined a major change. In our study of the activity of design professionals, we’ve observed a profound change, a paradigm shift: the space for communities is today a platform.

This book reports the research carried out by the team that has addressed the development of the space-platform concept and its application. The scenarios, boundaries and continuity is explained.

We invite you to explore with us the new paradigm of spaces for communities, and to experience them with all our knowledge.


ORGANIZE: EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona 

DATE and TIME: June 21 at 7 pm

WHERE: EINA Bosc (Carrer del Bosc, 2)

IREGISTRATION: free access

EINA Bosc / Carrer del Bosc, 2 
EINA Bosc / Carrer del Bosc, 2