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14 June

Futures are challenging us both as citizens, design professionals and academics. Environmental conditions, the climate crisis or urban concentration are just some of the challenges we face, not only with new proposals and practical solutions, but also with new processes and methodologies that bring us closer to the future.

Speculative design and other prospection-based methods are procedures that are already part of the design practice, as well as other perspectives based on eco-design. Nevertheless, this is a new area to explore, even mixing different methods.

In this round table we suggest to explore these design processes -with professionals and specialists- that focus on the projection of -better and more sustainable futures – through design.


ORGANIZE: UOC Information and Communication Sciences Studies 

DATE and TIME: June 14 from 11 am to 1 pm

WHERE: La Farinera del Clot (Gran Via de les CC., 837)

REGISTRATION: free for maximun 70 pax by registering first here REGISTER

LA FARINERA DEL CLOT / Gran Via de les CC., 837
LA FARINERA DEL CLOT / Gran Via de les CC., 837