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22 June

The stones that mark the path. What would happen if we removed all the signs from a city? The need for signs which guide us. The art of guiding vs. The art of getting lost. Intuitive navigation. Let yourself be carried away.

The streets around Turó Park make up a unique space in the city with a large number of shops and galleries selling furniture, household accessories and art objects, one after the other. You can follow a route to get to know some of these establishments on Open Night.

Join us on 22 June to follow the whole route and get to know the participating spaces.

We suggest you do the following route and follow this order:


Av. Pau Casals, 22

A florist that offers all kinds of bouquets, floral decoration centrepieces and plants for all occasions. They are specialists in floral creation for weddings and events, shop window design, decoration inside the store and advice for everything that is needed.

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Bori i Fontestà, 17

Flagship store in Barcelona of Molteni&C. Dada. The showroom, a representation of the Italian design furniture and kitchens firm in the city, has over 400m2, an atmosphere of Italian design and is an open window to the latest developments of the two firms. Thanks to the Flagship Store concept created by Vincent Van Duysen, the space recreates a home with its living rooms, dining rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms and kitchens succumb to sophisticated and elegant contemporary design, without compromising comfort.
A drink will be offered to everyone who comes.

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Bori i Fontestà, 6

Luxury multi-brand store run by the Jofré family since 1929 in Barcelona. Since then, it has been working daily to be the first to offer the latest trends and the best luxury brands from the fashion industry. Right from the start, the Jofré stores have been well-known for their high quality and exclusive service for their clients.

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Ferran Agulló, 2

Max Ricart Luxury Properties is a family business with extensive experience, which consists of broad and in-depth knowledge of the situation of the property market in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Sebastián Ricart and Carolina Cendra have consolidated their professional project after over 20 years devoted to luxury and exclusive property purchases, sales and rentals in Barcelona.
It will be possible to visit their space which has a pleasant spot to have a drink.

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Ferran Agulló, 12

The firm Boffi was created in 1934 by its founder Piero Boffi. Since then, it has been devoted to designing and producing kitchen furniture, collaborating with architects such as Joe Colombo, Antonio Citterio, Luigi Massoni, Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola. In addition to kitchen furniture, Boffi now develops products for the bathroom, cupboards and decorative elements such as the fans by Giulio Gianturco. In 2015, the Boffi family expanded, acquiring the historical eDePadova furniture firm devoted to the production of furniture designed by architects such as Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni. In 2017, eDePadova added to its collection Ma/uStudio, founded by the Danish designer Mikal Harrsen, thus extending the range of furniture for the living room, kitchen, dressing room and bathroom. In 2019, the technical interior door firm Adl Porte joined the group. Together with its collaborators, Boffi culminated the dream of offering design for 360º of the household.
A glass of cava will be offered to all visitors.

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Johann Sebastian Bach, 15

Hundred-year-old designer furniture company. Distributors of the main international firms. Offers furniture advice service to professionals (architects and interior designers).
They celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and the 150th anniversary of the firm Fritz Nansen, manufacturer of the most iconic articles designed by Jacobsen such as the Egg and Swan chairs and many others.
An explanation of the manufacture of furniture using high quality leather will be given in the Poltrona Frau by Casamitjana showroom.



Ferran Agulló, 16

Luzio Concept is an exclusive 1000 m2 showroom, considered to be a must-see in Barcelona. Its space offers an oasis of elegance with a great display of luxury furniture, its interior design Luzio Studio and its Iluzione restaurant.
Dj Nuget will be presented during the day and there will be a bar of Gin Tonics and Whiskey lights.

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Ferran Agulló, 5

Founded in 1939, Vipp is an exclusive Danish industrial firm. Its philosophy, based on excellence, stands out thanks to the extraordinary robustness of its designs, functionality and the high aesthetic value of its products. It markets the world’s most iconic pedal bins, together with a broad collection of bathroom accessories, fittings, small appliances, decorative objects, handicrafts, furniture, lighting, modular bathroom and kitchen furniture, including its famous prefabricated shelters: “Shelter” and “Cabin”, as well as offering a unique network of international hotels, where you can experience the VIPP philosophy first-hand.
Vipp attendees will hold a raffle for an emblematic wastebasket from the Vipp collection. The draw will take place in Vipp at 8.45 p.m. among all those who have visited the space and filled in their details on the ballot paper.



Josep Bertrand, 17

Tresserra Collection is a Spanish company which produces and exports worldwide the designs of Jaume Tresserra. With a history of more than 30 years, its collection consists of over 100 pieces of furniture as well as luxury lighting and accessories. Its designs bring together the most positive features of present-day design: the craftsmanship experience, the use of noble materials, Mediterranean sensitivity and absolutely contemporary creative and functional approaches.

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Josep Bertrand, 3

This space emerged, between the complexity and the simplicity of a life devoted to design, as a new way to understand the work of Francesc Rifé and his team through product design. Without excess, unadorned, with no excuses, but with a unique formal language based on a constant study of proportions.
Visit the floral installation created for Turó Park Open Night along with its new outdoor furniture design.

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