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BCD  and FAD created its website with an accessible design to guarantee access to all members of the information and knowledge society. This is why it uses standard technologies established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and follows the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) directives at its AA level, defined by the exclusion of any element or technology in the web pages that impedes the use of web services or contents to determined groups or which makes it so difficult that it impedes access.

We want people with a physical or sensory disability to have an eminently practical and useful tool which promotes and guarantees equality of access and the management of information available on-line in current technological conditions.

To ensure this access, all the web pages have been checked and the recommendations of the WAI have been followed. Even so, if you find any accessibility problem or if you would like to make a comment or suggestion on this subject do not hesitate to contact us.

Help for accessing contents

Text size

Accessible design allows the user to adjust the font to the most suitable size. This change is done differently according to the web navigator used. The following table shows the command that performs this function and the menu where it is located:

How to modify the text size

BrowserMenu – (submenu) – Command
FirefoxView > Text size > Increase / Decrease
Internet ExplorerView > Text size > Increase
Internet Explore MobileView > Zoom > Increase
KonquerorView > Increase font / Decrease font
OperaVisualitza > Zoom > %
SafariView > Make text bigger

Visual design

Accessible design takes into account that the visual design may be deactivated and contents may be accessed in the form of a single column with black letters on a white background (the default configuration for most graphic navigators). On the other hand, there are also web navigators that allow the selection of a personal page style, adapting the presentation to the user’s necessities. The following table shows the command that performs this function and the menu where it is located:

How to deactivate the design

BrowserMenu – (submenu) – Command
FirefoxView > Page Style > No style
KonquerorThe application’s configuration must be modified
OperaView > Style > Author mode