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The Barcelona Design Week (BDW), created by Barcelona Design Centre in 2006, is the annual event on design and creativity in Barcelona.

The BDW is a member of the World Design Weeks network, whose headquarters are in Barcelona. The network consists of nearly 40 design festivals around the world on design and creativity fields.

The 17th edition of BDW will be from 2nd to 22nd June. This year’s theme of the festival will be Wayfindings: Guidelines for Creating New Presents. In a complex context like the actual one, we need signals, wayfindings. Design enables us to find new paths by guiding us through the context and understanding the possibilities it offers.

Barcelona Design Week 2022 is a call to create connections. A call for the participation of new talent, of new design professionals to interact with experienced professionals. It is a call to exchange signals, clues to draw solutions for us, people entangled in chaos within a complex, infinite context. This is a call to exchange views, to mix youth and experience. It seeks to show there are alternative ways of doing, seeing, and thinking. Of small people who generate big changes.

The BDW22 is a proposal from design to connect with the city and with the younger ones, to transmit the power of design for transformation and the values ​​that will have to shape a better world for all.

Barcelona Design Week is organised by Barcelona centre de Disseny and promoted by Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with FAD Fostering Arts and Design and Museu del Disseny.