The Barcelona Design Week (BDW), created by Barcelona Design Centre in 2006, is the annual event on design and creativity in Barcelona.

The BDW is a member of the World Design Weeks network, whose headquarters are in Barcelona. The network consists of nearly 40 design festivals around the world on design and creativity fields.

The 16th edition of BDW will be held in two different moments: from 7 to 17 June, with a professional programme, and from 7 to 30 October, with the city festival.

The BDW 2021 slogan, “Think, Design, Act”, reflects a message that we want to convey at the present time to face the challenges that lie ahead: think on a design level, design and implement new solutions, models and environments more sustainable, economically viable and focused on the real needs of people. Design is a key ally for any sector, we are not talking only about objects, but about processes, innovation, sustainability and putting people at the center.

Barcelona Design Week is organised by Barcelona centre de Disseny and promoted by Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with FAD Fostering Arts and Design and Museu del Disseny.